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Clothing is no longer just of practical importance, it is a way to show who you are, your clothes communicate for you.

As a person we continue to grow and develop, and your wardrobe has to grow with it.

Do you want to know what best suits your body type? Which colors suit you best? Do you want new clothes that suit you exactly, but you don't know where to start when you start looking?

Then my personal styling, full package is exactly what you are looking for!

With my personal styling, full package, we will see which colors suit you best and which items show off your figure best. What should you do or not do, which stores/brands suit you best and your clothing style? That's all covered.

Your wardrobe will also undergo a thorough analysis, together we will look at which items are still applicable or should be left out of your closet, what new combinations you can make for different occasions and what could be a good addition to your wardrobe.

Afterwards we will go shopping together or I will look for you online. You will also receive your own style passport. Your style passport forms the framework for your wardrobe, it ensures that you are completely ready for your upcoming shopping sessions!



LOCATION: City in nl* 

DURATION: Available all day

BONUS: 12 months whatsapp guidance

* First 20 km travel costs free, after that 0.25/km


Your wardrobe should work with you, not against you. How nice is it when you feel beautiful and good in every piece of clothing, don't put on the same thing every time but know how to combine it well with your clothes. We will all take care of that with the wardrobe check!

If you know exactly what suits you and only buy items that are an addition to your closet, it will be much easier to pick out your outfit every morning. Overview in your closet, clothes that you actually wear.

Every item of clothing that you have and/or purchase must be able to be combined with multiple items of clothing for multiple occasions. Together we will look at how you can get the most out of your wardrobe, how you can combine better and how you effectively select new clothes that add something to your wardrobe.



LOCATION: Your home*
DURATION: 3 hours
BONUS: 6 months whatsapp guidance

* First 20 km travel cost free, after that 0.25/km



Are you not sure which clothes to buy that suit your taste and style? What suits your life?

Due to the constantly changing trends and the large selection, it can be very difficult to discover what really suits you. We will go out together and you will receive personal tips and advice about colours, combinations, styles and fits. We go shopping at a selection of stores with the result: clothing sets and items that fit you perfectly!

You learn to shop efficiently so that it becomes easier and more fun for you. You learn to make different combinations and you know which stores you can go to from now on.
You choose what you want to purchase, without obligations! 

LOCATION: City in nl*
DURATION: 3 hours
BONUS: 6 months whatsapp guidance

* First 20 km travel cost free, after that 0.25/km



Staff that can provide a customer with good advice is very important for your revenue.
Do you want to inspire your staff with training? I enthusiastically coach your team with clothing advice and teach them to make combinations within the current collection. This allows them to better help the customer and complete sets are sold more often.

Your staff will immediately practice with the information during the training. This training makes your staff more confident and they know how to give better advice to the customer, resulting in satisfied customers who leave the store with a good feeling because they have received good and personal help and a better revenue. 

LOCATION: Your store*
DURATION: 2.5 to 3 hours

* First 20 km travel cost free, after that 0.25/km


Do you have any other ideas for a project with me?
Let's talk about it!


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