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It’s the new year and spring is slowly approaching, that means new fashion shows and new fashion trends. 2020 has been a weird, difficult year for many of us. That translated in a lot of dark, sad clothes. Spring is usually a time for bright, fun clothes.

Let’s see what this year will bring!

First off, the color trends:


White is a big color for spring/summer 2021, its fresh, its bright, its easy to combine with other colors. Perfect for spring.


Pastel colors are colors come back basically every spring/summer. This year it’s especially pastel blue, pink and yellow.


I’m a big fan of bright colors, especially for summer. This year it’s focused on the colors orange and red. You can wear a full outfit of bold colors to stand out or pick a few accessories in red for a statement piece.

Next, the fashion trends:


We're still in a pandemic so this is kind of an obvious one, lounge wear is still a big thing. You have lot's of different colors and styles now.


As I showed earlier, white is a big color for these seasons, especially white dresses. It’s the little black dress for summer.


Florals always seem to come back in spring/summer, as well as this time. Mix florals head to toe or keep it simple, you can’t go wrong with florals.


After months of wearing lounge wear (lounge wear isn’t leaving anytime soon though) showing some skin in unexpected places is the new trend.


Showing your undergarment/bra was also a trend this winter and continues on in spring/summer. You can wear it over a top or layer it with a blazer, there are many different ways to style this trend.


Big, loose pants in combination with the bra trend, or a cropped blazer or top is a big trend for spring.

There are always so many trends for a new season so I just picked a few for you! These were some of the ones I really liked. Most of us are still in lockdown and/or very affected by the virus, so I didn't say the obvious one (masks).

Stay safe!

xx- Demi

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