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August is over and here is September, fall is approaching. My favorite season for fashion! I love everything about it: the clothing, the colors, the layering, the weather.

What is happening in the fashion world for fall/winter? What are the trends for fall/winter 2020/21?

We will be going over the color palette and the trends for fw 2020/2021. There are always SO MANY so I picked a few of my favorites, we're also going over my favorites from designers and out of my own closet.

First the color palette:

My favorite fall color pallete, warm, deep orange and red shades. These shades aren’t for everyone because they wash some people out, but pair it with a black clothing item (for example: a deep red top with a black jacket) and it won’t wash you out!

Pastels never really go away, it’s a soft way to introduce color in your wardrobe.

Dark gloomy colors are it this fall/winter, it matches the weather of this season perfectly. It’s a great way to bring some color into your wardrobe if you aren’t a fan of pastels or bright colors. Combine it with black and you’re good to go!

Brown earthy tones are back, I feel like they always come back because they’re great for every season.

Black and greys, always a classic. Chic greys are perfect for fall or go head to toe in black which has been seen in many shows.

The trends spotted on the runway:

Strong shoulders

Crazy, strong shoulders and sleeves are back and I’m so excited, this might be my favorite trend! This will take your clothing item to the next level. You can dress it up or pair your jacket/top with a pair of jeans and/or sneakers to dress it down but still stand out.


Leather is something I love, one of my favorite items in my closet is my (faux) leather jacket which I wear almost all year round because it just goes so perfectly with almost any outfit, so I love to see this become a trend for this fal/winter. Last year we saw the leather pants arise and they are still hot and happening with this trend! Introduce one clothing piece in leather to your outfit or go for the all leather look.


Fall/winter is a season for romance, so im not surprised to see the ruffles make a comeback. This lovely detail is enough to make any silhouette stand out.


This trend is a little bit in combination of the leather trend. Latex, leather, corsets, you can go chic, dark or as crazy as you want with this.


Capes are such a chic statement piece to me, wearing this will feel like you’re the main character in an old romantic black and white movie and I love it. There are a bunch of different styles and shapes.

Oversized coats

Oversized coats will keep you cozy and warm during the cold months AND trendy. I’m obsessed.


Last but not least, exposed lingerie. Sexy is a theme this season and comes back in many shapes, especially with exposed lingerie. You can go for see through lace or keep it a bit more covered up.

My designer favorites

Alexander Mcqueen will always be in my top 3, I just love everything they make and want to wear it all, it was hard to pick a favorite but this jacket with the leather pants I ADORE, it's chic, the belt is great, the sheer fabric that moves when you walk, I just love everything about it.

Fendi is a brand I got into a few months ago, they have some great designs. I’m normally not a big fan of yellow but this coat with the sleeves?? Love it.

The all black see through lace moment is so great, chic and sexy at the same time.

Favorites from my own closet

A leather jacket is a need for me during all seasons, but mainly fall/winter. It’s a great layering piece and will go with almost any outfit, they have so many styles and shapes now so theres something for everyone. Really recommend!

Boots, I'm obsessed with boots, I have lots of them and it's all I wear during fall and winter. I recently got black platform boots with snake print and they just change your entire outfit. You can go for high heel boots, boots without heels, there are SO many and I think everyone needs a pair for fall/winter.

Cardigans are also a great layering piece and a great way to slowly transition from your summer wardrobe to your fall one. You can wear it on it's own, you can wear it over your summer tops, tshirts, so many ways to style them.

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