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Hey everyone!

In my last blog I showed you all the new trends for fall/winter 2020/2021.

And since we’re halfway through September that means fall is coming closer and closer (even though there’s randomly a second heatwave going on here right now??)

But I thought this would be a great time to share the best ways to transition your summer wardrobe to your fall one!

Here are some styling tips:

1. Add layers

Layering is the most obvious and important tip I can give you, you don’t have to throw all your summer tops and skirts to the back of your closet, you can just add layers!

Wear a blazer, jacket, cardigan over your summer tops, wear tights under your skirts, add boots to your outfit, accessorize with a scarf, there are so many options to layer your outfits for fall.

2. Change your color palette

To really get that fall vibe in your outfit you can change your color palette, while summer is light and bright fall is a little bit more dark and muted. Add some oranges, dark reds etc. Check my last blogpost to see what the trendy colors are for this fall/winter.

3. Combine fall pieces with summer pieces

When you’re in between summer and fall the temperatures can still be a little bit too warm for a full fall outfit but too cold for a summer one, so you can combine them! Wear a sweater or cardigan with your skirts or shorts to still get that fall feeling without dying in the heat. You can wear it with boots, sneakers, anything.

4. Have fun

Most importantly, wear what makes you happy/comfortable! Have fun with combining your closet, maybe style some old pieces differently. Do whatever you want!

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