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Hey everyone!

For my final exam for fashion design I had to design a collection and make 2 pieces. I never really showed the whole process or explained it so I will do that today!!

We could pick or own themes, I chose confidence. Confidence is very important to me and a big reason why I chose to be a fashion stylist/designer. Fashion is a way to help you feel confident in your body, putting on a cute outfit makes you feel 10 times better.

With my collection I wanted to show that confidence is a fluid thing. Everyone has good days where they feel really confident and bad days. It takes time and effort to work on your confidence, people and situations can influence your confidence.

As my main inspiration I chose the mirror. In spirituality, a mirror symbolizes spiritual reflection, it reflects the life each person creates, it reflects personality. So it symbolizes that confidence is an ever changing and evolving emotion.

By using flowy designs, tight fitted ones and layers, I’m showing the different sides of confidence. I wanted this collection to be empowering, to show that it is okay to feel insecure but that believing in yourself is important and possible as well.

I started with creating a moodboard, I made a pinterest board to look for photos that matched the idea I had for my collection and than put them together, here is the result.

I also made a color card, to show all the colors I wanted to use in my collection with a few pictures that matched the aesthetic.

After that I started to design my clothes, with my theme, moodboard and color card in mind. I also made technical drawings for every design and thought of what fabrics where best for each design. Here are a few examples.

Then I made an entire collection review.

Then I had to decide which 2 outfits I wanted to actually make, we had to make 1 outfit from scratch and 1 from an existing piece.

For my existing piece I chose a jacket, which you can see on the left. I added the rings on the pockets and shoulders, the white stitch and the sleeves that I took from a white blouse. The skirt under the jacket I made from scratch, which is the short version of the wrap skirt on the right.

For my other outfit I made a jacket, a matching top and a long wrap skirt. The jacket is from neoprene which is a fabric they use for wetsuits. It doesn't wrinkle which is a big plus but it's very difficult to get it to stay in place in my opinion, it's also a thick material and the collar of the jacket had many many layers so that was a challenge as well but it came together in the end!

The long wrap skirt wasn't that difficult for me and I will definitely be wearing it myself.

I'm very proud of my outfits! The outfit on the right I changed completely very last minute because my original idea wasn't working and I'm very happy I did. I love that it has pockets and the corset detail on the back. It represents my theme very well and overall I'm very happy with the endresult.

It's very interesting to me to see the process behind a collection so I hope you enjoyed this as well!

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