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Let’s talk shapewear, it’s your best friend and NOT your enemy.

Your outfit is as good as your base. Start with a good base and you’re set up for greatness. And that doesn’t only include shapewear, I’m also talking about a good bra and underwear.

If you love lingerie and you wear a textured bra under a tight top, you will see the texture through that top, to elevate that look wear a smooth bra underneath so your bra isn’t that visible. A lot of women wear bras and there’s nothing wrong if you can tell, but they don’t have to take over every outfit.

Which brings me to shapewear, I hear SO many people talk about issues that can be solved with shapewear. For example: satin dresses/tops/skirts. They are great, but they show EVERYTHING. And that’s not just with you, that happens to everyone. There’s no need to avoid them, that problem can easily be solved with shapewear to smooth you out a little bit.

Don’t want to wear shapewear? I wear a top and sport shorts/biker shorts underneath a satin dress, top or skirt to smooth my body out a little bit.

A friendly reminder: Every body is beautiful, some clothing pieces just don’t highlight that. So shapewear isn’t here to change your body and I’m not promoting it to tell you there’s something wrong with your body, shapewear and a good base are a tool to help you feel great in your outfits.

So, where can you buy this underwear and shapewear? Let me show you a few examples!

This one is from hunkemoller, this one is a padded wire bra, they have so many versions of this bra, not padded, without wire, whatever works best for your body.

invisible underwear, from hunkemoller. These also come in all shapes and colors, this is just an example I found!

This one is from Spanx. Great to wear under those satin dresses we talked about earlier!

You also have these with shorts and straps, like a bodysuit. Or like a dress.

There are a tonne of options out there, these are just a few examples.

Need help finding the perfect base for you? You can always contact me!


A smoothing slip dress to wear underneath dresses also does wonders!

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