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The blazer, an item you need in your closet for all seasons, especially fall/winter.

But, how can you style it? Scroll for a few tips!

The blazer is an amazing item to create layers in your outfit, which you need with this weather to keep you warm outside. Here I styled it with a blouse, jeans and a pair of loafers. By creating a good base as an outfit it's still great to wear even without the blazer if it gets hot when you get back inside.

For the colder days you can wear a blazer over a sweater, for a more chique look I paired it with these great pants to create an amazing work outfit!

For the warmer fall/winter days you can pair a blazer with a top, skirt, tights and boots. To give it your own twist add jewellery or a fun belt. To make this outfit more work appropriate switch the top for a blouse and add heels or a chique black boot!

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