Hi! I'm Demi, and Midheavens is my creative baby.

Midheavens is a place where you can be YOU. Being happy with yourself is really imptortant to me and Midheavens is my way of helping with that.

My passion for fashion started very early on, I was always drawing clothes in the well-known top model books and cutting pictures from magazines to put together my own fashion sets and moodboards.

I started Midheavens because I’ve always loved fashion, and during my fashion studies and researching the fashion industry I saw that there were a lot of issues left unsolved. People still struggling finding their style, ways of producing clothes that are toxic for our world, and I really want to change that.
My goal is to create clothes that aren't harmful to our planet and our people and create beautiful art. Clothes are such a big part of showing the world who we are. You should feel great in all your clothes and it shouldn't contribute to the waste of the world!

I studied Junior Fashion Stylist at Florijn College and Allround Fashion Artist at De Nederlandse Beautyschool. I have 5 years of experience in sewing. 

In my spare time I love to paint, watch movies, game with my boyfriend and play with my 2 birds!