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My passion for fashion started very early on, I was always drawing clothes in the well-known top model books and cutting pictures from magazines to put together my own fashion sets and moodboards.

​Within fashion I can express all my creativity. It's a very big industry in which you never stop learning. I am always busy with fashion and well aware of what is happening in the fashion world, but I like to make my own translation.

​I distinguish myself by my work process, I am very driven and passionate. I like to step out of my comfort zone with my work, I work with many different styles, colors, etc. without losing my individuality. I go that little extra mile and surprise my clients with an end result that exceeds expectations.

​I can’t imagine doing anything else, than making people feel great in their outfits again and making  the world look more beautiful.



Midheavens is a place where you can be YOU. Being happy with yourself is really important to me and Midheavens is my way of helping with that.

I started midheavens because I’ve always loved fashion, and during my fashion studies and researching the fashion industry I saw that there were a lot of issues left unsolved. People still struggling finding their style, ways of producing clothes that are toxic for our world, people still feeling insecure about how they dress. And I really want to change that.

My goal is to make people feel happy and comfortable with themselves and with the way they dress. Clothes are such a big part of showing the world who we are. You should feel great in all your clothes and I would love to help you with that.

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